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About Tin Design

Tin Design Ltd is run by design industry veterans with more than twenty years of experience. Since starting in 2000, we have combined traditional tastes with modern trends to create our own unique design concept and brand. We pride ourselves on being an interior design (and engineering) company with a new way of thinking.

Building upon our many years of experience, we have become one of the biggest Chain Group interior design companies in Hong Kong. Our services include: interior design, renovation, furniture production, materials procurement and many other post-sale services.

We have branches all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories (For more information please see our showroom list). We have a 10,000 sq-ft showroom in To Kwa Wan providing convenience for our customers who are all welcome to come and enjoy our one-stop service in helping you to build your dream home.

We have experience working with all type of apartments, houses, offices, industrial building, shops and commercial spaces. Although we have offices in Hong Kong, we are more than willing to work for customers in China and overseas. We bring huge manpower, including a professional and reliable sales team, design team, construction team, production team, management team, and an after-sales team. With over 100 staff, benefitting from our Centralized Management system, we can deliver an all-inclusive and personal service.

Tin Design offers its customers a wide range of quality materials with full quality assurance, whatever your specifications are. Our brands we supply include ROCA / REMER, DELONG (Bathroom), DANCO, AUTO-HINGE (metals/hardware), MEGAMAN (Lighting), NIPPON (paint) and other Italian brands.

Tin Design believes in compliance, credibility, keeping commitments and adhering to the principle that quality, service and safety is No 1! Please contact us to see how we can provide you with high-quality, one-stop service and see for yourself how professional, enthusiastic and sincere Tin Design is in ensuring continuous customer satisfaction.


Tin Design Ltd is a company that endeavours to provide customers with a high-quality one-stop service. Here is our design process:

First: sales process.

Our sales people will talk with customers to give them an understanding of our company’s strengths. We also discuss other matters such as material prices, etc.

Second: site visit

We will send a member of our design team to your home or organisation in order to gain a sense of the design space. They will take images and measurements of the rooms requiring re-design. We will also gather the customer’s opinions and requirements.

Third: meet with the designers (approximately three to four times)

When we initially meet our customers we do so to develop a mutual understanding of what the customer needs and what we are able to deliver. We will talk about preliminary design ideas and make a preliminary offer.

The second meeting will allow our designers to go into the details of the design and present the overall design proposal. If agreeable, the customer will sign a contract and pay a deposit.

A third meeting may be required in certain circumstances to discuss further ideas or make final decisions.

Fourth: Construction Process

There are two processes here: (A) The decoration process with furniture or; (B) furniture only.

(A) The decoration process with furniture (procedure 1-8)

1) Clearance/demolition process
2) Electrical works
3) Masonry works, windows (if requested)
4) Carpentry
5) Painting
6) Furniture installation works
7) Cleaning and waste removal
8) Final check / repairs

* The above processes are part of the design process  

* A professional engineering supervisor will be responsible for oversight of the project

(B) Furniture (no decoration) (procedure 1-4)

1. Confirm design
2. Sign construction plans
3. Furniture will be built at manufacturing plant
4. Delivery and installation

* Transport and installation by professional team

Fifth: Service Guarantee

  1. Furniture projects eligible for the structural maintenance guarantee for three years
  1. Decoration projects eligible for guarantee of one year.

* The company has a professional logistics team, to provide customers with attentive, efficient service.

*** P.S: Throughout the design process, fees, payment methods, construction procedures, service guarantees are all subject to the provisions of the company terms.

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